AREA is an independent, owner-managed real estate company. It was founded in 2014 as Beveco AG and rebranded as AREA Assets AG as of February 1, 2020.


Specialists in economics, law,  property management, architecture and urban planning work with us. The collaborative culture enables informed decision making and keeps complex projects on the right track.


The synergy between built environments and their use fascinates us. That’s why we are interested in all aspects of real estate and are able to offer comprehensive solutions for investors, users and operational activities.


Successful real estate management requires innovative and sustainable planning. With our forward-thinking outlook, we implement concepts that go beyond the ordinary and are in line with long-term social trends.

Your contacts at AREA

Chris Duisberg
CEO / Partner
Daniel Braun
Deputy CEO / Partner

Track record

AREA activates real estate. What this means in numbers is demonstrated by our track record in the following four areas:

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CHF 1.5 bil.
Assets under management (AuM)
CHF 350 mill.
Development of major projects and niche solutions
CHF 500 mill.
Acquisition of more than 50 properties
CHF 500 mill.
Active management of commercial and residential properties


AREA maintains high quality standards in all its business activities and is a member of the following professional organizations.