AREA is an independent, owner-managed real estate company, founded in 2014.


Successful real estate management requires innovative and sustainable planning. With our forward-thinking outlook, we implement concepts that go beyond the ordinary and are in line with long-term economic and social developments.


We respond to the individual requirements of our clients and adapt to their perspective. As a lean organization, we are agile and follow a practical and result-oriented approach when implementing a concept.


We are specialists in economics, law, architecture, urban planning and property management. Our collaborative culture enables informed decision making and keeps complex projects on track.

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Track record

AREA activates real estate. What this means in numbers is demonstrated by our track record in the following four areas:

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CHF 1.5 bil.
Active portfolio and asset management
CHF 350 mill.
Development of major projects and niche solutions
CHF 500 mill.
Acquisition of more than 50 properties
CHF 500 mill.
Active management of commercial and residential properties