Our focus

We focus on complex real estate challenges and deliver sustainable, future-oriented solutions for our clients. We activate real estate assets with a particular regard to the following topics:

We understand existing structures as evolving entities that can be changed and improved. Thereby we focus on the following tasks:

  • Repurpose and increase density of industrial properties, reposition them in the market
  • Adapt existing properties for multi-generational living
  • Transform a real estate portfolio in a future-oriented way
  • Recognize the potential of a property and create added value

We support you with the deployment of new strategies as well as with the development and expansion in the following areas:

  • Set up a suitable organization for investors
  • Develop sustainable energy solutions
  • Assemble a real estate portfolio according to specific criteria
  • Define and actively implement a growth strategy

We analyze existing structures, look for sustainable alternatives and actively implement them. Thereby we focus on the following areas:

  • Bridge staffing shortages
  • Optimize an organization and select service providers
  • Recognize and limit risks in an organization
  • Interim management

A practical and cost-oriented implementation of ideas and concepts is crucial to our way of working and we concentrate on the following topics:

  • Execute projects with a design-to-cost approach
  • Implement project management
  • Realize an energy efficiency renovations
  • Conduct project reviews (second opinion)