Representing the client in a challenging market environment

Increased objections to building permit applications, lengthy approval procedures, continuing increases of construction cost and rising interest rates are just some of the current challenges in planning and implementing construction projects.

What is particularly important in this market environment for the cost-effective and timely implementation of construction projects with the desired quality of execution?

AREA conscientiously implements your interests and goals as an independent owner's representative, with the following success factors being of particular importance:

  • We involve all relevant stakeholders at an early stage of the planning process in order to minimize the risk of objections to the building permit application and delays in the approval process.

  • A close cooperation with the planning team, starting with the feasibility studies, is indispensable for us. We follow an iterative process in order to compare variants at an early stage and to continuously optimize costs and quality.

  • A clear understanding of the needs of the targeted customer groups is the starting point of a project, and the ongoing review of these findings flows into the development of the property and the marketing measures.

How do you go about developing your real estate project?

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