Start of construction for the renovation of the exterior environment

As the client's representative, AREA accompanies a comprehensive upgrade of the landscaped areas surrounding a large development in Upper Valais.

The project for the 1.6 hectare area with 10 apartment buildings was designed by extrā Landschaftsarchitekten AG from Brig and is being implemented by Bächler + Güttinger AG. The upgraded area will be available to residents as early as spring 2021.

During the design process, particular attention was paid to maintaining the high architectural quality of the exterior environment. All planned adjustments were carefully tested beforehand on a sample area. The playgrounds will be adapted to current standards and will continue to enliven the diverse neighborhood. Newly created planted areas enhance the building entrances and also provide the residents with herbs for cooking. Selected green areas are equipped with a water-saving automatic irrigation system that supports the sustainable use of natural resources.